Our Mission Statement

To provide excellence in teaching and disseminating knowledge about hospitality studies and management to our students. To instill originality in the learning minds, to impart strength and efficiancy, to motivate skills, creativity, freedom and ability.

By giving quality and value-based education, we aim at capacity building amongst our students.

  1. Capacity for research or inquiry.
  2. Capacity for creativity and innovation.
  3. Capacity to use high technology.
  4. Capacity for entrepreneurial leadership.
  5. Capacity to grow in their professional career.
  6. Capacity to paticipate in the national development.

In pursuit of this mission, the management, the trustees, the faculty and the staff of AIHM are dedicated to provide excellence in trainingand service.

To instill Originality in the Learning Minds, impart Strength & Efficiency, Motivate Skills, Creativity, Freedom and Ability.

Aim of AIHM

The Ambrosia Institute of Hotel Management (AIHM) offers intensive training that helps pave the way to a successful career in the Hospitality Industry. Our Programs are practice-oriented and provide the requisite know-how for private entrepreneurship.