Subject : Internship

Subject Code : HS 401

Subject Credits 12

Semester IV


Industrial Training Outcome:


  • It gives an opportunity for the students to explore various departments of the hotel.
  • It allows students to get familiar with the equipment used in the operational areas.
  • Students would be able to understand the hierarchy in each department.
  • Students would be aware of the hotel operations at macro level.
  • Students would get an insight with the new trends followed in the Hospitality Industry. Duration of Industrial Training: Sixteen weeks


In this semester the student shall be sent for industrial training for a period of 16 Weeks, where they would follow the following schedule:


  • Food Production-4 weeks
  • Food & Beverage Service- 4 weeks
  • Front Office- 3 weeks
  • Housekeeping- 3 weeks
  • Ancillary Department- 1 week ( any one department like ,Accounts/ HR/ Stores, etc.)


The Industrial Training needs to be undertaken in hotels which are of the level of three star and above category. During the internship period, the student shall maintain a logbook on daily basis. The Log book would contain personal observations of the students of the various facilities and equipments used in the course of their training. In addition, they would also maintain a monthly record of feedback/ appraisal provided by the HR /Training Head of the concerned hotel. At the end of the industrial training the student shall submit a training report along with the logbook maintained and performance appraisals from each department trained.


Practical Examination: (Internal & External)

The internal exams to be assessed by the internal examiner for 100 Marks. External exams to be jointly conducted by internal as well as external examiner for 200 Marks.

The following documents are to be submitted with the internal examiner prior to the exams

  1. Certificate of training (hard and soft copy)
  2. Logbook with Appraisals (hard copy)
  3. Training Report (hard and soft copy)

Presentation of maximum 5 slides (soft copy), especially emphasizing the learning outcome.